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Have Questions? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions in regard to coaching and Jeff and Shaleia’s work.

Jeff and Shaleia discovered a scientific way for Twin Flames to be together, regardless of what they are currently experiencing. Through their own life and spiritual journeys, they discovered what is now called Harmonious Twin Flame Union- where you live one life with your Twin Flame. HTFU is a permanent state of being with your Twin Flame that you never have to depart from, so you can enjoy a beautiful and secure relationship with your Twin Flame, forever.

Results are absolutely guaranteed if you follow Jeff and Shaleia’s teaching and walk the path they laid out. 

Union is when you are simply in a romantic relationship with your Twin Flame. Without achieving Harmonious Union, the experience is temporary, because you have not yet come to the understanding that Harmonious Union brings you. Harmonious Union is an awareness you come to with Jeff and Shaleia’s work, which naturally results in living one life with your Twin Flame permanently.


Once you reach Harmonious Union, the only reason you could ever separate from your Twin Flame would be your choice to no longer be with them. They are your Ultimate Lover, so there is no need for this choice, ever.

Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Lover. They are perfect for you in every way, and you share one consciousness with them. A soul mate is simply someone who you vibrate in harmony with for a time, and then go your separate ways. 


Your Twin Flame chooses as one with you, so they grow with you and have all the same dreams and desires for life. This is your true partner in life, who is designed to be with you forever.

Every coaching session will begin with us seeing where you are and what you are currently experiencing and working through with your Twin Flame. In every coaching session I will provide valuable guidance and insights, along with loving support for you with the mirror exercise. Expect to end each session experiencing more peace, clarity, and a clear understanding of your next steps on the Twin Flame journey.

Every person does have a Twin Flame, and can be with them in this lifetime.

As a rule, Certified Ascension Coaches do not offer Twin Flame confirmations, because having your Twin Flame revealed to you is a very personal and sacred journey.

Most people prefer to have a session every week, because they have found it valuable to have a coach supporting them and helping them on a routine basis. Weekly sessions allows me to work with you more closely, and quickly identify places where you might be feeling stuck, so that you are able to move forward on your Twin Flame journey.

You will immediately feel deep peace after every mirror exercise. As you do the work, that peace will only grow and expand. Your Twin Flame is naturally attracted into your experience in the way that is perfect for you and most serves your Union.


The results are inevitable, so enjoy every step of the journey, and expect miracles. They’re guaranteed.

Coaching is an investment you will likely want to make well into Harmonious Union, and all the way until you experience something called Perfect Union with your Twin Flame.

Perfect Union is when all upsets between you and your Twin Flame have been dissolved and you can experience the full potential of what your Union was created to be.


It feels good to know that your coach is in your corner and is there to help you all the way into your Harmonious Union and beyond.

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This course includes 8 free lessons from Jeff and Shaleia to help you begin your Twin Flame journey. The first lesson of this course includes a coupon code for 50% off your first coaching session with me. 



This is where we can meet and see if we are a good fit. My goal in every Coaching Session is to make sure you are well informed on the work and have everything you need to heal Twin Flame separation. I’m happy to answer any questions you have and support you with the inner work!


Coaching is where you receive support with the work, while Twin Flame Ascension School is where you will learn the essential teaching of Twin Flames. This is crucial for your Twin Flame journey and the success of our coaching sessions. 

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