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Do You Love Your Twin Flame? The Answer Might Surprise You

I remember the night I met God. I was standing in a garage full of unhappy teenagers, with a pastor standing on a makeshift stage. He stood before us and said, “Come to the front of the room if you would like to feel the heart of God.”

I didn’t really believe in God. I was open minded, sure, but I wasn’t about to believe that, if God existed, he really cared about me. I didn’t need to feel anything, I thought, so I stood back and watched with the majority of my peers.

As the pastor prayed, something came over all of us, and we fell to the floor in tears. I felt a love I had never known before, and I realized that this God was a mystery to me, one beyond thought or concept. I was determined to know him. I had no idea of the ways my life would change.

Fast forward 10 years, and I met my Twin Flame. It was the second time I felt such curiosity and wonder. How could it be so? How could it be that a man like this existed? How could he look at me and see right through me, and meet me in the place that only God does? How is it that he looked at me with the same amazement and wonder? We were mesmerized that night as we sat at the local Waffle House, peering into each others souls and talking about all the years we missed, as if we’d been friends forever and we were just picking up where we left off.

If you asked me then if I knew how to love him, I would tell you it was like breathing, and, in many ways, it was. You can’t help but love your Twin Flame. The love comes from a soul recognition. It’s deep, because it’s built on the truth of who you are. You look at them and you see and feel God’s love. You naturally recognize their divine self (the person God created them to be) and you can’t help but find them stunning. They look and feel like perfect love, wrapped up in a person. So do you (but that’s something I’ll get into later ; )

I’ve learned, though, that there are places within me where I’ve resisted loving myself, and in those places I’ve resisted loving him. God is Love, and although I have admired and adored God for many years, I have had blocks to loving like he does.

You see, it’s not enough to love God as someone outside of you. You must be transformed by his love and come into Union with Him. You must allow that love to flow freely. This is something the whole Twin Flame journey has been about for me, since finding Jeff and Shaleia’s work. Not just to love God’s love, but to know God’s love. To surrender to it and live by it, to be changed and transformed by it.

We all have (or have had) blocks to this. Blocks are just places that are calling for love- parts of us that are resistant and afraid. Sometimes they’ll say “You’re not worthy of love”, or they’ll say “If you love you’ll get hurt”. They’re basically all the places where we hold onto resistance to life and whatever God is presenting to us.

To love like God means to love unconditionally, totally, without fear. It’s bold, powerful and peaceful. God’s love is like a fortress- it doesn’t change. It flows without ceasing. It doesn’t look to the object of its affection to see if it is worthy of its love. It loves without holding back.

To love like God does, to let your love flow freely and unconditionally to yourself and others- that is what it means to love your Twin Flame. That is what it requires to be with your Twin Flame.

That is why it takes a spiritual journey to be with them in Harmonious Union. Loving like this isn’t something we’ll learn from the world today- it is something we must learn from God. Jeff and Shaleia show us the way, just like Jesus did, along with the other ascended masters, but we have to walk it. We have to let ourselves be changed by Love.

Eventually we realize that all we let go of is the idea of who we thought we were, and all we have lost was our pain and suffering. We realize that it is safe to be changed by love. It is safe to surrender to it.

Meeting your Twin Flame is the spark that lets you know that love exists. The spiritual journey you take is where you learn to be one with that love, God’s love. It’s where you learn to be as God created you, a perfect expression of himself.

I met God when I was 16. I met my Twin Flame, and myself, when I was 26, and now, at 31, and I am learning to love like my Father loves. Every day I learn, every day I grow, and every day I am changed.

Once we reach Harmonious Union with God (and our Twin Flame), we continue healing with them into Perfect Union- where there is no fear in us, and no illusion of a life without God. All pain has melted away, and all tears have been wiped away by God’s perfect love.

As the Bible says, “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then will see face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I have been fully known.” 1 Corinthians 13:12

This is the Twin Flame journey. This is what it’s really about.

Will you let yourself be changed by love?


Jeff and Shaleia share the full teaching of Harmonious Union and what it means to love God, and your Twin Flame, in this way through their work at

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