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Do You Know Who You Are? What Your Twin Flame Is Here To Teach You

So I’ve known my Twin Flame for five years, and for five years we have known that we’re pretty much alike in every way (lol). We make the same core choices, we learn the same lessons, and we want the same things out of life. It’s not so strange to us, and it’s something that’s just an understanding between us.

When I found the term ‘Twin Flame Connection’, I was like “Oh, this is that thing we have between us”. It became a term to put on it, a convenient way to explain what it was and why it was the way it was. It felt good to define it, to call it something. Maybe many of you can relate to this.

Jeff and Shaleia taught me that the reason we were like this is because we are one. We share one consciousness. This is how God created everyone, with a Twin Flame. One person in all the world who is like us in every way. Our one true companion. The one who gets us like no one else. The one who walks with us forever.

Your Twin Flame is you. This is marriage, in a biblical sense. It’s a oneness and unity that can only be created by God. If you’ve been around the Twin Flames Universe community for any length of time you’ve heard about how your Twin Flame is one with you and you live and heal together as one.

Tonight my journey with love led me to a realization.

I do not know who I am.

Not fully, at least.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what I like, I know what I care about. I have a pretty clear sense of what I value and why. I really like myself. I’m strong in my convictions. I have a clear vision of the future I want to have and the dreams I want to manifest. My Twin Flame reflects this, and because of this I guess I always figured we knew who we were.

Yet, tonight when I was talking to my brother, it occurred to me that I see my Twin Flame very differently from how I see myself. I shared with him all the qualities I see in my Twin Flame: His kindness, his laid back nature, his big heart and sweet spirit, his sense of humor and the cool confidence he carries himself with. I talked about the fascinating way his mind works and how easy he is to talk to. How he’s just who he is- he has no pretense. He has no ulterior motives.

I finished by saying, “I don’t see that in myself at all”. My brother laughed and said, “Soraya, that is you. Everything you just said about him are things I would say about you.”

All of a sudden it occurred to me that maybe I haven’t been seeing myself clearly.

God brought to my mind an image of someone peering into a pool of water to see their reflection for the first time. In my Twin Flame, I have a perfect mirror of myself for me to see, but I don’t recognize myself. My reflection feels a bit foreign to me because I’ve never fully seen myself before.

I realized that, in the past, I had seen my Twin Flame and I as two separate people who had our connection in common. He was me because we chose as one. He was me because we valued the same things and wanted the same things. He was me because the place we meet each other is as sacred and intimate as the place I share with God.

But no, all that he is, is me. I thought I knew myself apart from him, but there is no me apart from him. And the same is true for you and your Twin Flame.

So many people talk about when they first meet their Twin Flame and how they look at them like “How do you exist? You’re so perfect!” We marvel at how beautiful and wonderful they are, not realizing that they are us. Their beauty is our beauty. All that they are is all that we are. We’re just looking in the mirror for the first time.

We may have had glimpses of ourselves before. Maybe you’ve noticed how you do or say things like your Twin (lol) or you’ve recognized how you are always in the same inner place as them. Still, as long as we are experiencing some form of separation from our Twin Flame outwardly, it is reflecting a belief that they are somehow separate from us.

All of life mirrors you and will show you yourself, but your Twin Flame is the only one who shows you yourself completely.

They are you.

No one can show you you like they can. In the same way an identical twin can look at their sibling to know what they look like, you can look at your Twin Flame and know who you really are.

When you choose to be with your Twin Flame in Harmonious Union, you are choosing to be with and claim ALL of yourself. You recognize that you are one, and you choose to live one life together, as you were created by God.

So, what do you see in your Twin Flame that you don’t see in yourself?

What are they teaching you about who you are?

Do you choose to claim yourself for all that you are?

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