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The Meaning Of Union

If you’ve dated at all you know the challenges that come with trying to make a relationship work with another person. You have two people with two visions, two sets of values and two life paths. In order to make a relationship work with someone outside of you, you have to bridge that gap and make sacrifices in order to give love to the ‘other’ you perceive. As long as you see two, you cannot experience perfect harmony.

Harmony comes from experiencing oneness. It comes from the deep realization that there is no ‘me’ and ‘you’. There is only one. My good is your good. Your good is mine. This is freedom- knowing that love requires no sacrifice. Love is complete. We are all complete in God, and as children of God, we share in his love. To try to source that from someone outside of you is to believe that God’s love within you is not enough.

Twin Flames cannot function within the belief in separation, because what is between them is divine love. Because you were created as one with your Twin Flame, you cannot be together under the premise of separation. It just doesn’t work. Your Twin Flame can only meet you in love, in your true state with God. They do not recognize you any other way.

Have you ever had your Twin Flame look at you with eyes full of wonder, not believing how perfect you are? Have you ever felt that feeling of “what do they see in me?” or “why do they love me so much?”

They see the truth about you. They do not see your fears and insecurities. They only see you through God’s eyes. This is how your Twin Flame awakens you to divine love- they do not recognize your fearful beliefs and limitations. They will always call forth the greatest expression of who you are, the truth of who you are.

Your Union with your Twin Flame is the soil in which you grow and learn perfect love. Your Twin Flame teaches you what it means to be one with another. They show you what it means to be in Union. This is the lesson you desire more than anything else- what it means to be free in love.

In order to know this perfect love, you must release the illusion of separation. Separation tells you that you are separate from God and you are separate from others, that you must take from others in order to have and you must give to others at the cost of yourself.

Union is oneness. It is the experience that there is nothing lacking in your Union with God and that he supplies all of your needs. From that place, you are complete. My Union with God gives to me and your Union with God gives to you. I do not have to leave myself to receive it and you do not have to leave yourself to give it. We are one and whole with God, and from that place, we can love.

Love is a state of being, not of doing. It is effortless. God created love perfect and easy. Ego is complexity. God just is.

To surrender to Union means surrendering suffering. It means surrendering the painful illusion that you could be without God and that another could be without God. It is with great joy we release this illusion and return to peace and wholeness. This is the Twin Flame journey. This is God’s gift to you.

This is Union.

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