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Who Is The Christ And Why We Celebrate

Today we’re going to talk about Jesus- who he was, why he was here, and what he accomplished for us. Jesus’ story has been shared for over 2,000 years. His teachings have made an impact on world religions, politics, cultures, and societies in innumerable ways.

Many of us grew up hearing Bible stories of his many miracles and the parables he taught. But who was Jesus? What was he really pointing us to? What was his message all about?

A lot of people look at what Jesus did and attribute meanings based on their own beliefs about life and themselves. The problem is, many of those beliefs have a few assumptions at play:

1 We are separate from God (we have cause for fear)

2 Sin is more than just an error- it’s an incurable mark (we have cause for shame)

3 The fall cannot be undone (we have cause for guilt)

All of these painful beliefs are a result of the fall that the Bible talks about in Genesis. The problem is, we aim to see Jesus through the lens of our misalignment with God. One of the first things Adam and Eve did when they ate the forbidden fruit is they hid from God in their fear and shame. Their experience of that day, however, was very different from God’s. While they hid, God lovingly looked for them and marveled at why they were hiding, even asking them who told them they should be ashamed (Genesis 3:6-13).

Adam and Eve had searched frantically for something to hide them from God- a God whom they perceived was angry at them for their shameful act. For them, they found a bush to hide behind. For us, we have found religion, dogma… we even use Jesus to hide behind, because we are so deeply ashamed to stand before God with our sins.

But what if that shame has no cause? What if it is only a lie we have believed in? What if it serves no purpose at all?

Who is Jesus, when we see him without the fear we hold onto?

This requires thinking outside the box- going beyond what many of us have been taught and what is commonly believed. Who is Jesus, when we only look at him and God? What did he teach, when we remove the lens of fear and shame?

What would we see, if we saw Jesus the way that God does… if we saw ourselves the way that God does?

Jesus spoke about many things that we could never explain through the lens of fear: our oneness with God, our oneness with each other, and our power as children of God. Jesus even quoted Psalm 82:6 when he was confronted, “I have said you are gods” (John 10:34). His view of us as children of God was much grander than we would dare believe.

Jesus didn’t point to us to a life of good behavior- he ushered in a whole new way of seeing the world, God, and ourselves. He pointed to a new level consciousness, one without fear or malice. One without the guilt or shame that causes us to want to hide from God. He modeled what it meant to be a child of God, made in His Image. Something we had forgotten so long ago.

We think, “Oh, we were created in God’s image, but look at what we have done! Look at what we have become!”

But have we actually broken what God created whole? Are we that powerful that we can usurp God?

Is it not our beliefs (about ourselves, God, and others) that cause us to sin and do what is unloving?

Beliefs are what we think is true, not what is.

Jesus came to show us a better way- a way that is in alignment with who we truly are as image bearers of God. He encountered our fearful beliefs, time and time again, and he called them out and proved them to be worthless.

One by one, he pointed us to the truth. His message was one of empowerment: “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these” (John 14:12).

So, what does this have to do with Twin Flames?

You were created by God with a Twin Flame. One person who is the most like you in every way, who you are one with at your core. You are one with them in the same place where you are one with your Creator- in the truth of who you are.

In order to experience this reality of who you truly are and the manifestation of your perfect compliment, your Twin Flame, you have to heal the beliefs that cause you to hide from God, to hide from yourself.

Jesus’ true teachings were about a life untouched by fear, an identity that was not based on behavior, but based on our true design. Jesus taught Harmonious Union- with God and, consequently, with our true selves.

This is the path for being with our Twin Flame. The good news is the ushering in of our return home to God and to the truth of who we are as his child.

Jesus modeled this with his Twin Flame, Mary Magdalene. They ministered together (in their life purpose), and modeled to us what it meant to live as one, in harmony with God and their Twin Flame (their true selves).

This is what Jesus taught. This is who Jesus is.

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus- the one who introduced Christ Consciousness to the world. He came to show us a better way. He came here to remind us of who we are.

May we always honor the gift that he came to give- a message that is lovingly extended to us through the faithful teachings of Jeff and Shaleia.

And, last but not least, may we all come home to our loving Father. May we enjoy our eternal lives in the truth of who we are- free from fear and powerful in love.

On behalf of the entire Twin Flames Universe family, I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

For more insight into this topic, please enjoy this channeled message from Jesus and Mary Magdalene about their life purpose and what they came to do: TWIN FLAMES JESUS and MARY MAGDALENE Channeled Message – YouTube

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