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One Thing You Must Let Go Of To Enjoy Epic Romance With Your Twin Flame

Would you like to enjoy more romance with your Twin Flame?

There’s a common block that has come up with clients I’ve worked with when it comes to romance in their Union. They’ll ask, “why won’t my Twin Flame give me love in this way?” or, “All I want is XYZ. When my Twin Flame does that, then I will be happy.”

Would you though? I’m about to demystify this concept of romance in a Twin Flame Union, so you can start enjoying your epic love now– because yes, it’s happening. Right. Now.

If you’re not experiencing and enjoying the romance of your Union, it is likely because you’re holding onto one thing: expectations.

We all have our ideas of how we should be loved. We think we know what will make us happy and we’re kinda wondering, if we’re honest, “when is my man/woman gonna do this thing I want them to do?”

But here’s the thing. Expectations are things soulmate relationships are made of.

Think about this- imagine the most wonderful, romantic evening you can dream of. What does your date do? Where do you go? Do you stay in? What does your evening entail?

Now ask yourself, what about it feels romantic?

When I searched my own heart for the answer to that question, this is what I realized :

What makes romance romantic is that it comes easy and it’s not contrived.

It’s when your Twin Flame does that perfect thing for you that you didn’t even think to ask for.

It’s when they impress you with how well they know you in every way.

It’s when they introduce you to things you never knew you would enjoy.

It’s when they surpise you with the perfect gift- one you didn’t even know you wanted.

It’s when they show up for you and love you in exactly the way your heart needs, without you having to ask for it.

It’s when they know that all you need is takeout sushi from the fridge and a back rub, and for them to just hold space for you.

They know you. They delight you. They surprise you.

You see, true romance is when you have no control.

This is the only time you can truly receive the love of your Twin Flame.

Imagine the alternative.

What if you told your Twin Flame exactly what you wanted and he does it, because that’s what you told him you wanted.

That’s nice. Boring.

What if you demanded that he do XYZ, and he does it, because that’s what you told him you wanted him to do.


See what I’m saying? Control is not romantic. No one’s writing stories about a romance they negotiated.

Romance is not something you can just create and enforce. It’s a dance between you and God, in which you have no control.

Expectations are what you develop when you don’t believe you can/will be romanced. If you’re on your Twin Flame journey, this isn’t you. You can let that painful illusion go now.

To be romanced you must be woo’d, and God is SO GOOD at wooing you through your Twin Flame. The problem is, you don’t get any say in how this unfolds.

You must be absolutely stunned and taken aback by how perfectly your Twin Flame loves you.

You must be surprised and delighted, unsure of what they’re gonna do next.

You must be willing to ride the wave of God and allow your Twin Flame to romance the I-never-dreamed-it-could-be-this-good sh*t out of you.

Sorry. If you want your Twin Flame, you can’t hold tightly to what you think you want. You have to surrender and open your heart to perfection.

God doesn’t need any help in knowing how to love you. He’s the expert on you. Look at your Twin Flame. He does all things well.

It’s time to let go of control and expectations and surrender to true romance- not just the illusion of it.

You have that with your Twin Flame now, yes, right now, as you’re reading this. Your Twin Flame is loving you and doing everything they can to be with you. They led you here, to Jeff and Shaleia’s work, so that you could find your way home to each other. They are choosing to conquer their greatest fears with you in order to be with you, their perfect love of loves, forever. They are mirroring you perfectly so you can both open your heart to receive the divine love God has for you through each other.

And when they’ve snuffed out every fear that stands in the way of their perfect life of love with you, the rest of your love story begins.

That’s romantic.

Until next time 🙂

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