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Twin Flame miracles are meant to be a normal part of life and I want to help you experience that reality. I extend Jeff and Shaleia’s teaching, which is proven to heal Twin Flame separation permanently. 

After all, they are the Twin Flame experts. 

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what is a twin flame?

Your Twin Flame is your ultimate lover, perfect compliment, and best friend all wrapped into one. That’s because they were designed by God to satisfy every desire in your heart for romance and companionship. The intimacy and understanding that you share with your Twin Flame transcends any other relationship you will ever experience.

Your Twin Flame is also your greatest teacher. They have so much to teach you about love, life, God, and yourself. This isn’t a traditional relationship in the slightest, and that’s a good thing! Your Twin Flame is designed to lead you into greater depths of love and healing so that you can experience the greatest expression of who you are.

The love you share with your Twin Flame is transformative. Since you are one at your core, they are your perfect mirror. Every thought and feeling you have that is out of alignment with perfect love will rise to the surface to be healed. This can be very uncomfortable if you are not equipped with the proper tools to heal the separation within yourself. Healing separation within is the only way to experience Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. Ultimately, it is a journey into love and into the core of who you really are.

My work here at Twin Flames in Harmony is to support you on your healing journey so that you can heal all of the separation you are experiencing with your love of loves.

Are you ready to claim your perfect life of love?

group coaching


Group Coaching Sessions

Heal alongside your peers in a safe and supportive group setting. Group coaching is a great way to heal collectively, learn from and with others, as well as meet new friends in the community.

Wednesdays at 7pm CST



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Group Coaching is a monthly subscription plan. Upon signing up you will receive an email confirmation with all upcoming group sessions. You will also receive reminder emails, similar to private coaching sessions. Each group coaching class will last 60 minutes. No recording (video or audio) is allowed to ensure the privacy of all those attending. Everything discussed in the group must be held confidential by all those attending to ensure the group remains a safe space to share. Soraya reserves the right to remove anyone who is disruptive to the group. If removed, the remaining group sessions in that billing cycle will be refunded (less any PayPal fees).

Group Coaching will be held: Wednesdays at 7pm CST

You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time via PayPal. Upon canceling, any group sessions scheduled to take place after that date will be forfeited.

All regular coaching terms apply.

coaching session


Private Coaching Session

One hour of deep healing work and divine guidance to support you on your Twin Flame journey.



For a 30 minute Clarity Session, click here.

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Coaching Membership

A monthly subscription plan that offers you one private coaching session per week. This is for those who would like to claim the highest level of support for their Harmonious Twin Flame Union.



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The Coaching Membership is a monthly subscription plan that allows you to book one private coaching session per week. Upon signing up you will receive an email with a coupon code that you may use to book your weekly sessions. This code will work for the duration of your Coaching Membership. You may only schedule one session per week (Mon-Fri). Unused sessions do not roll over. You are welcome to book your sessions as far in advance as you would like. Any additional sessions will need to be purchased separately at

You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time via PayPal. Upon canceling, any membership sessions scheduled to take place after that date will be canceled/forfeited. Code is only to be used by members, for membership purposes.
All regular coaching terms apply.

the coach


hi i’m soraya, it’s nice to meet you

I help people heal Twin Flame separation with Jeff and Shaleia’s work, which is proven to result in Harmonious Twin Flame Union- a state where you live as one with your Twin Flame. 

I offer sessions, readings, and referral bonuses for Twin Flames Universe products.

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